2017 Accidental Music Fest



What is Accidental Music Fest?

Accidental Music Festival’s Marathon AMF celebrates the emergence of Orlando as a hotbed of contemporary classical and creative music. Featuring a dozen ensembles performing a day long concert of music almost exclusively by living composers, the event seeks to highlight the work of new and established groups dedicated to new music.

Each group will perform roughly twenty to twenty five minutes of music. Between sets there will be interviews with the artists and other contributors to Orlando’s contemporary classical scene, including concert presenters, radio and podcast hosts, and writers. The short sets and casual atmosphere will allow for people to meet, share, and learn about new projects and upcoming concerts. Stay for the whole day or just a couple of performances.

This year there will also be family-friendly events during the day, including acoustic and electronic instrument petting zoos, where kids of all ages can test out instruments and learn about making electronic music.

The event is hosted in SoDo District at the Sodo Shopping Center, located at 80 W. Grant Street, Suite 11, Orlando, FL 32806, in the space beside T.J. Maxx.  Accidental Music Fest will be held on May 20, 2017, 1 – 10 pm.

This is an excellent opportunity to get your company’s name in front of both the Orlando music scene and SoDo District businesses and residents.  Sponsorship of this event will give your company exposure in a multitude of different ways, depending on your investment value.

This year, Timucua Arts Foundation and SoDo District are teaming up to bring you this dynamic, unique event.  Beyond live music and interactive activities, there will be beer and wine provided by local SoDo District vendors, as well as a VIP area and visual art installations.  Please contact director@sododistrict.org with sponsorship inquiries.


Who is SoDo District?   SoDo District is a 501c3 non-profit organization that represents a robust district of community stakeholders, business owners, property owners, and residents who are investing in the area’s short and long-term success. Our efforts are focused on a vision of SoDo District as a healthy, prosperous, and vibrant neighborhood and commercial district. We are constantly working to promote our local businesses, improve our streetscape, and deliver community-driven events and programming.

As a Nationally Accredited Main Street, we have established ourselves as an organization taking the lead on high-value community engagement and economic development activity.

Many of our Main Street members and partners looks like our District: Community-focused, locally supported, and diverse.

As we make strides to grow, elevate, and connect our community, we hope your business can support us in these efforts. Together we are working to make SoDo District one of the best districts in the City of Orlando! 

SoDo District Vision: A vibrant residential and local business community embracing innovation and our vintage roots.

SoDo District Mission: To improve our community by design, empower local businesses and residents to collaborate, and create a vibrant atmosphere to live, work, and play.

What Does SoDo District Bring To The Table?

Your support of this event not only provides you with an opportunity to be in front of hundreds of local and engaged attendees at our event, but also promotion to SoDo District’s entire network, as well as that of some of our partners.  Here are some of SoDo District’s statistics:

  • Website: 1000+ visits/month
  • Facebook: 6,000+ Likes
  • Twitter: 1,500+ Followers
  • Instagram: 3,000+ Followers
  • Newsletter: 3,700+ Subscribers

SoDo District promotional partners include:

The City of Orlando

The Bungalower

The Daily City

Yelp Orlando

WPRK 91.5

Your sponsorship helps foster a vibrant District
When you partner with SoDo District, you join our commitment and efforts to foster a more vibrant residential and commercial district. As a non-profit organization, we’ve made great progress in growing this district’s economy and increasing community engagement and pride. We’ve been able to leverage our relationships with the City of Orlando and the Florida Department of Transportation to plan for a more walkable Orange Ave, worked with OUC to upgrade Michigan Street to brighter and more efficient LED lighting before the end of 2016, and provided businesses assistance resources to our affected merchants after the Pulse tragedy, among many other accomplishments and efforts.


Who is Timucua Arts Foundation? 

The mission of the Timucua Arts Foundation is to present and inspire great music and art in Central Florida through performance and education.

This, we believe:
Art and music belong to everyone.
Art and music are the highest manifestation of our humanity.
Art and music should be enjoyed in the most intimate venue: the living room.
Every community is better when art and music are performed and nurtured within it.

Timucua Arts Foundation is found in the heart of the SoDo District.  This cultural gem is the venue of weekly free concerts in the home of one of our residents and SoDo District Board Members, Benoit Glazer.

What Does Timucua Arts Foundation Bring To The Table?

Timucua Arts Foundation has built a loyal foundation of their own.  Their attendees regularly support their events and campaigns.  On September 13th, 2015, they celebrated their 15th anniversary, 600th concert, 2000th world premiere, and 10k hours of volunteer work.  Please below for Timucua Arts Foundation statistics:

  • Email newsletter (3200+ subscribers)
    • 2215 subscribers
    • 29% open rate
  • Facebook: 4238 likes
  • Instagram: 315 followers
  • Audience for Sunday night concerts
    • 2200 unique visitors per year to Timucua
    • 350+ individual artists per year
  • 70+ free events annually

SoDo District + Timucua Art Foundation

A SoDo District and Timucua Arts Foundation was a natural fit.  The partnership began in 2016 in the creation of a program called SoDo Sunday, promoting both the free Sunday concerts and visiting SoDo District businesses before the show.  It seemed obvious to partner again for Accidental Music Fest in an effort to bring a dynamic, unique, cultural event to the SoDo District.

Accidental Music Fest  sponsors reach a wide audience

Your support of this event provides you with a unique audience, both the loyal followers of Timucua Arts Foundation, as well as the residents and businesses of SoDo District.  As you can see, sponsorship of this event provides valuable marketing exposure to your business.

YES!  My company would like to sponsor 2017 Accidental Music Fest at the following level:


NAME: ___________________________________ TITLE: _____________________

COMPANY: ____________________________________________________________

CITY: ________________________ STATE: ________ ZIP CODE: ____________

PHONE: _____________________ EMAIL: _______________________________

SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________

Must be authorized signator of company.

Please return this form and checks to SoDo District at 918 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806 no later than May 1, 2017.  Signed sponsorship agreements will formalize participation.  Sponsor agrees to provide camera-ready artwork in a timely manner to insure inclusion in printed material (EPS for print and JPG for online).

Thank You For Your Support!

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